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Rocker drilling is used to drill the most, drilling and milling machine and a small bench drill amount is not small. Pay attention to these tools using bit can say a lot, the current level of processing on the market is more and more high. In this investment and R & D work is quite much, a lot of new product development. One of which is the bit surface polishing treatment. This technology is good, a lot of people do not understand, here we describe in detail.

The bit surface polishing treatment the technology advantage is about 10 times the current level of. Why would you say that? Using surface amplification technology to observe bit now, there is a lot of trauma scratches, holes. If the head of continuous use, will be the expansion of surface trauma cause more damage. On the surface it seems a bit rough not smooth, the actual service life will fall. If we use a method to repair the surface of wound, no longer continue to expand, which will greatly extend the life of.

Facts prove the bit life of this method is generally about 10 to 15 times the drill bit. The price is increased by 30%, if absolutely necessary to improve processing efficiency of the use of special rotor. There is a scientific experiment with radial drilling machine in high speed rotational steel components, can continuously for six minutes and is the largest in high speed high speed, no damage, the current market sales data proved its quality, the other without the use of new technology products sales decreased significantly. Enterprises should make more efforts in new methods and new technology, the only way to open the market, in order to create a better tomorrow.

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